Tuesday, October 10, 2017



I posted this postcard to Antonina. 

This a view of out Capital city. A very busy road with "RIKSHA".
Hope Antonina will like it. I try to use nice stamps to send this Postcard.



I posted those cards to Dieter.

Postcard Number :01

Postcard Number : 02

Postcard Number : 03

The first postcard is one of our UNESCO site. And, the second one is our national animal. And, the other one is a moment of wedding. Hope Dieter will like those postcards ans stamps i use to send those cards. Also hope those postcard will get it's address soon.



I posted this card to O. Tameev.

This is one of our UNESCO site. It's name is "The Sundarbans".
Hope Tameev will like those stamps. And, will get this card in time.